005: The Big Sleep

It’s been a minute! Graham and Katie tackle The Big Sleep from both a film perspective and a pulp one, discussing Bogart’s masculine charm, the ways the movie deviates from the Raymond Chandler book, and female sexual entitlement. Also I just realized that we were both too underslept to make a sleep pun what are we even doing

003: Paris Is Burning

Graham and Katie sober up to tackle Paris Is Burning – Graham educates Katie about Madonna co-opting vogueing while she educates him about TERFs.

As mentioned in the episode, there are about a million better resources out there than this silly little podcast by two white cis people, so please check out the links Katie brought up at the beginning:

-Janet Mock’s website and twitter
-Julia Serano’s website and twitter
-Jen Richard’s website and Daily Dot article
-Dr. Rohl’s They’ve Never Listened To Us Medium article
-GLAAD’s media guide for covering trans issues

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Graham and Katie met at a video store in 2005 and haven’t stopped yelling about movies since. But they live in different states now, so each week they watch the same movie separately and then shout about it over the phone.

This podcast is intended for mature listeners, as the hosts use a lot of swears and often enjoy adult beverages while recording!

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